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Welcome to the sales analytics portal site for Xelon Entertainment distributed labels.

Data Availability

Xelon Sales data is available up to:Sat 31 Dec 2016
iTunes Daily Sales data is available up to:Tue 08 Aug 2017
Apple Music streaming data is available up to:Sun 11 Jun 2017
Spotify streaming data is available up to:Sat 18 Nov 2017

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Disclaimer: The data supplied in these reports is indicative only, and should not be relied on for financial planning.

The latest daily sales data is provisional and may be subject to change in the final sales statement. The sales amounts may vary because of differences between currency conversion rates used in the report generation and the actual rate applied at the time the sale is processed. The matching processes used in the final sales processing is more rigorous than that used for this reporting, so some sales may be missed or may be incorrectly attributed.

Xelon historical sales data includes all sales for which payment has been received and processed. Some sales may not yet have been processed and may not appear in these reports. Not all DSPs supply actual sales dates, so in these cases the statement date has been used. This will tend to skew Xelon data toward the end of the quarter.